Arbitration and Litigation


Arbitration and Litigation

The resolution of disputes through the courts are considered final but in any case, it can’t be the only desirable, preferable option of issue solution. Taking into account this fact, the company's specialists endeavor best efforts to solve the problem peacefully before applying to the court, which will save both time and finances. The company provides mediator services as well.

However, if the only solution is the court, the company's best lawyers with extensive experience in the judicial field will do everythin in their power, and their main goalwill be the same - to fight till the end to ensure the best court decision (as well as arbitration).


Compulsory Enforcement Service of Judicial Acts

The judicial act does not yet provide the desired result for the client. Therefore, our task is also to represent our clients and  to protect their rights during disputes with authorities of compulsory enforcement, particularly when difficulties arise during the implementation of judicial decisions.



The recognition of a bankrupt company or citizen is still not solution of the problem. It involves a long process, during which a lot of questions need to be addressed. To address these issues it is not enough  to appoint the head of affairs in bankruptcy, but also it requires the involvement of specialized people whose aim is the direct protection of your rights.