Corporative Services


Corporative Services

Our company offers a wide variety of legal services to different companies in various areas.

     If you want your stuff to focus their attention and efforts only on their main activity, then entrust your legal issues to the team of professionals. Aratta Consulting offers corporate legal services.


What the Corporate Package includes.

  • Written and oral legal advice provision,

  • implementation of legal issues analysis and provision of written report,

  • preparation of documents (contracts, notes, certificates, etc.),

  • legal analysis of company documents,

  • services on personnel matters,

  • resolution of the internal relations of the company (provision of corporate governance and internal documents operations, development of internal rules),

  • provision of our lawyer in the negotiations with partners,

  • protection of company rights and interests and  if necessary more productive solutions to various problems.

What Benefits You receive in Corporate Services.

  • Signing only one contract, you get professional advice from the team of professionals specialized in different legal fields,
  • it is not necessary to have a lawyer's position, and thus office space, as well as the necessary equipment,
  • high level of confidentiality is guaranteed. 

What factors may affect the pricing.

  • Number of employees.

  • number of documents examined,

  • type of documents,

  • company activity,

  • length of service.