Civil Law


Civil Law

 Our lawyers provide  protection of civil rights by all legitimate ways, we are ready to examine all the cases of our clients, and achieve the best results for them.

     Our dedicated team is ready to help you in the following areas of Civil law:

  • property and non-property rights
  • legal consulting,
  • heritage cases,
  • contracts, application, law suits drafting,
  • representation in all courts,
  • appeals drafting,
  • property and non-property rights
  • consultation in cases of intellectual property.






     Legal problems  arise in different areas and endanger your finances, private life, prestige etc. If you have such kind of problems and you want to avoid any probable errors let the company’s best lawyers  examine the circumstances of the case. Our experienced specialists will thoroughly examine and analyze the case and they will present all the possible risks and the best ways of solving your problems.


Negotiations and Contracts



If you want effective negotiations with your partners, our experienced lawyers are ready to direct you during negotiation process providing mutual consensus and successful outcome even in the most complex issues.

During negotiations, our lawyers will draft contracts where your rights will be presented properly and it’s clauses  will be acceptable for both sides. Moreover, we will draft any other legal documents (agreements, memorandum, petitions, appeals etc).


Administrative Proceeding 



Speaking about people's rights it is necessary to underline that very often illegal acts of the Government and local governing bodies are the cause of  human rights violation.

In such circumstances, our lawyers are willing to represent their clients in cases against state authorities and local governing bodies.


Family Disputes




Among the legal disputes, family disputes need more individual approach and careful study; interests of the children are to be  protected. Considering the huge importance of the family in the society, the main task of the company is the appropriate advice in family disputes.    






A trademark is an important component of the identity  and unicity of the services and goods presented by a company. Our team of qualified specialists offers these services to our clients (including the corporate clients):

•provision of legal advice in the registration and use of a trademark

• registration of local and international trademarks

• drafting contracts about a trademark, including franchising.

Moreover, our experts provide international protection of the rights of their clients and they solve complex problems associated with the trademark, for example: disputes relating to the priority of identical trademarks registered in EAEC countries.